The “lit” Marriage: Date Night Ideas

Looking for some fun and cost effective date night ideas? Well look no further! I happen to be an expertise in this field because we have 5 kids and no designated full time babysitter! We have had to get very creative over the years and utilize things we have at home to have a great … Continue reading The “lit” Marriage: Date Night Ideas

Mommy Hack: The Magic of WD-40

WD-40 is one of my favorite household items that I always keep because of its many uses. WD-40 is not just for fixing squeaks! It actually has over 2,000 uses. What is it? WD-40 or awesomeness in a can is the brand name of the famous American made water displacing spray (That's what WD stands … Continue reading Mommy Hack: The Magic of WD-40

Mommy Problem: Some mean girls never grow up

You would think that once you complete high school, you leave the whole dealing with mean girls crap behind. You reach adulthood, become a mom and establish your mom squad. During the whole process of meeting and mingling with other moms, you end up encountering a monster in a mini van. The ones that seem … Continue reading Mommy Problem: Some mean girls never grow up

Mommy Problem: Losing friends

I recently saw a post shared by a friend that had me thinking back to a point in my life before I started this chapter of being a wife and parenthood. I haven't always had the biggest circle of friends, but I had a pretty decent size tribe that I could count on. Over the … Continue reading Mommy Problem: Losing friends