Who is The Savage Mom?

Hey y’all! My name is Breyona, but my beau calls me baby and my little humans call me mommy.


I am a former army wife and EMT/paramedic turned entrepreneur, and stay at home mom to 7 kids. Starting a family early and having kids close together in age has been fulfilling, tiring, and amusing all at the same time. I juggle maintaining my sanity (I have anxiety and I am bipolar), my youth (I am basically considered a millennial), being married inter-racially, and trying to be the best imperfect mama I can be.


Meet My Beau


This is who I refer to as “my beau” in my blog posts. Isn’t he super handsome?! He’s the bacon to my eggs. We have been married since 3/17/09. Time flies when you are having babies!


Meet The Bundle of Mayhem 

Remy “Remikins” (2), Kali “the domestic curly haired terrorist” (5), Kendall “Tater tot” (3), Cameron “Cam” (11), Cody “Poop” (7), Kennedy “Toots” (9) and the fraternal twin to Remy ; Roxy “Roxy girl” (2).

Not pictured our two fur babies Tiki & Kilo (pitbulls).


 I hope you enjoy my blog and be sure to subscribe!


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